Video Clip - Gaza Woman and Child Centre 06/2016

The six storey Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre is the first of its kind in Gaza. It has been constructed in Altofah area, Gaza City, East of Gaza and is one of the poorest districts in the region.  Having commenced in early 2014 the Centre is four months from completion.  The 2014 war and periodic blockades preventing the delivery of cement makes the construction more challenging.  The building narrowly missed being bombed by a few meters in the September  2014 war with the homes nearby being completely destroyed.
On the positive side the Centre is functional.  It serves as a gathering for women and children from very poor districts, has a pre-school, facilities for counseling given the high level of trauma, an opportunity for women entrepreneurship, access to technology and communication with the outside world and a facility from which to distribute food parcels and other items to the poor neighborhoods.  The Municipality has renamed the road Nelson Mandela Street in honor of South African support.  

Please watch the video to have a better view of the Centre: