Housing for Christmas in the Philippines

To assist the people of the Philippines who have suffered unimaginable destruction and great personal loss we have decided to add a further dimension to our highly successful mission to this region.Full details of what was achieved will follow at a later stage.         

For now we are launching a project called "Housing for Christmas in the Philippines". In

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Gift of the Givers Team Heads to Philippines

All systems, humanly possible, are in place to ensure an effective, focused intervention by Gift of the Givers teams in the Philippines.  We held the teams back and delayed departure simply because of inaccessibility to regions whose infrastructure has been completely destroyed by the intensity of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

The first two team members, , depart from Ireland and Denmark today to

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2nd Gift of the Givers Team Departs for Philippines Today

First there were the two front runners from Ireland and Denmark preparing for the arrival of the First 20-member Gift of the Givers Team from South Africa on Friday, 15 November. Then Saturday was spent on shopping for supplies to set up a self-sustainable camp for the team in the typhoon zone, and purchasing of additional medication and food for the victims of the disaster.  Sunday was

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Gift of the Givers Responds to Typhoon Haiyan

Gift of the Givers releases R2 million with immediate effect to purchase essential supplies for thousands of victims affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, regarded as the greatest typhoon in human history to strike the Philippines. The scale of the devastation is catastrophic but clear details have not emerged yet as many centres are inaccessible and cut-off from communication. A call has been made  Read more