Trauma Counselling Team for Congo

“600-700 dead! 10 000 displaced and homeless! 75 children missing, only 28 found in camps and the balance may have died or taken by someone else”.

These are the documented figures after the munition depot explosion in Brazzaville. What about those that have not been captured? The people of Brazzaville have suffered loss of family members, loss of homes, loss of all their personal belongings, loss of sense of security. Spouses seperated from each other and children seprerated from their parents. They have incurred loss of limbs & other permanent injury. Living in communal refugee camps, not as family unit has robbed them of their privacy. They have no idea if and when they can return to their land & rebuild their homes as there are still unexploded bombs. Relocation to the outskirts of the city would seperate them from their jobs, schools and other basic amenities. The extent of their grief, pain, anxiety and uncertainty of their future has led to a call for trauma counselling and training.

In response, the Gift of the Givers is looking to take a team of experts in the field of trauma across to Brazzaville. Over a period of ten days this specialist team would be expected to do trauma work in several appointed camps, with communities as well as train an in country team of pre-selected master students of psychology and social work, trained psychologists and social workers, community based workers and teachers who will continue the process thereafter.

If you think that you qualify to fulfill the functions required and are available please respond by e-mail timeously so that the necessary preparation work can begin with regards to the trainers and the logistics. The training team would have to meet as soon as possible to discuss model of intervention and strategies to suit the environment. We intend to depart South Africa Sunday 29th April and return Thursday 10th May 2012.

The travel cost from South Africa to Congo will be borne by the Gift of the Givers whilst the accommodation, food and internal travel in Brazzaville would be covered by an NGO headed by the president's son. Please note that it is not pssible to take all respondents as the allocation granted is limited. Only a limited number of volunteers would be selected to go on this mission and understandably those with the appropriate formal training and experience. One of the requirements would be a six months valid passport and a yellow fever vaccine.