Drought Relief - Namaqualand (2016)

As the drought continues, hunger and poverty remains a great reality in Namaqualand.

Gift of the Givers distributes 300 Food Parcels to Lepelsfontein and Goodhouse. The people in these very remote villages were extremely thankful for this donation.

Total Project Value: R450 000.00.

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Drought Relief in Kroonstad

The drought situation in the country is impacting greatly on many communities. Gift of the Givers delivered bottled water and drilled a borehole in Kroonstad.

Presently, we are busy with drilling a borehole in Northern Cape. Our drillers are now surveying Vryheid where the need is absolutely huge. A borehole, several JoJo tanks and bottled water will be the main intervention soon. Greytown and

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Drought Relief for Kroonstad Today

Kroonstad has virtually one week of water left for the town and surrounding districts.  It is in a desperate state of emergency.  Water is pumped from the river into the dam.  Both the river and dam are now dry.  Gift of the Givers trucks have been dispatched this morning to deliver bottled water to the area.  Any further contribution of bottled water from the public will

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13/05/2016 - Nongoma Schools

 Sonkeshana Primary, Queen Kamsweli Primary and Usuthu schools n Nongoma receive:

  • 14000 litres of Water
  • 100 x 24 Ps Chocolates
  • 2000 Personal Hygiene Packs


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18/04/2016 - Drought Relief for Limpopo

In a Limpopo village near Polokwane the Gift of the Givers team delivered 300 x 50 kg bags of Animal Feed. We were graced by the presence of the MEC of Social Development, Mrs Joyce Mashamba, and Limpopo's First Lady, Mrs Maggie Mathabatha.

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22/03/2016 - World Water Day

On World Water Day the team visited 2 schools in KZN, Greytown Primary and Kranskop Primary. 24000 litres of bottled water, 2000 food parcels, 2200 Personal Hygiene Packs and 100 cases of chocolates were distributed to the children. Parents were emotional as they weren't expecting to receive such a variety of items. This distribution was done in partnership with Tiger Brands and Shoprite.

Water is

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30/03/2016 - Vuwani and Samyela, Vryheid

Gift of the Givers distributes 23 000lts of water to 1000 recipients in Vuwani & Samyela in Vryheid. The community also received 1000 Personal Hygiene Packs and 167 Cases x 24 Ps Chocolates.




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01/04/2016 - Zululand Communities

The Gift of the Givers team made 2 stops in Zululand where 2 000 people received much needed drought relief aid. The team was accompanied by Shoprite who served each individual soup and bread.


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The Mercury Hibberdene Childrens Holiday Home

Gift of the Givers together with The Mercury & Build It distribute drought relief aid to the Mercury Hibberdene Childrens Holiday Home in KZN. The holiday home caters for underprivileged children who, during their stay, enjoy care, nutritious meals and fun in the sun over the school holidays.

  •  2 Jojo Tanks
  • 1330 Litres of Water
  • Bulk Food
  • Large Unilever Detergent Pack
  • 600 PS Chocolates
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Brandfort Farmers to receive another 60 tons of Animal Feed

It was indeed an emotional experience when 21 Afrikaaner farmers poured out their hearts to us explaining that no one really understands what they have lost and how difficult it was to put their animals down.  They looked to us as a beacon of hope to carry their message to the country on behalf of all farmers similarly affected.  We have been so touched by their plight that we are
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12/03/2016 - Verulam Community

The Verulam community receives the following Drought Relief aid from Gift of the Givers:

  • 15000 Litres of Water
  • 550 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 250 x 24 PS Chocolates
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08/03/2016 - Animal Feed for Brandfort Farmers

This is Brandfort, a town in Freestate, where farmers are devastated by the effects of the drought. The land mourns for fields that are ruined, the ground is dry, and the mealie and sun flower plants that were supposed to be at shoulder height during this time of year, lie flat and dead. The financial burden is heavy to bear as grazing fields are barren and farmers are forced to sell their

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08/03/2016 - Uthungulu, Zululand

In Uthungulu, Zululand, Mbangayiya Secondary School receives the following Drought Relief package:

  •  36000lts Bottled Water
  • 20 Large Unilever Detergent Packs
  • 20 x 8kg Washing Powder
  • 3920 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • Soup and Bread from Shoprite


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05/03/2016 - Drought Relief in Swartland

We continue our Drought Relief and Education program in the Swartland area where we distributed 600 x 5 lt bottles of water from Shukrul Mubeen Mosque to 600 families in Illingulethu community in Malmesbury. Gift of the Givers also handed out:

  • 600 x 5 Liter Bottled Water
  • 12 150 x Hot Chocolate Sachets (Nestle)
  • 2560 x Joko Tea 250g (Unilever)
  • 696 x Rooibos Tea 500g (Unilever)


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26/02/2016 - Nhlazatshe and Snathing Communities

Nhlazatshe and Snathing communities in Pietermaritzburg run a garden project. This has proven almost impossible as the country faces the worst drought in years. Gift of the Givers distributes 5000 litres of water, 10 Food Parcels Detergent Packs and Personal Hygiene Packs.


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Borehole in Qwa Qwa

Gift of the Givers installs a borehole in Qwa Qwa which currently pumps a capacity of 10 000 litres of water per hour sustaining approximately 1000 families per day. This is our 7th borehole drilled for drought relief.

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Drought Relief in Qwa Qwa

Qwa Qwa is currently under heavy pressure because the Fika-Patso dam, their primary source of water, is almost empty.

The Gift of the Givers team has made 2 deliveries in Qwa Qwa thus far. The 1st was in the Riverside and Mandela Park communities which received 25000 litres of water and farmers 20 x 50kg bags of Animal Feed. Our 2nd visit was to the Kudumane community where we handed out 1000 sweet

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24/02/2016 - Lakeside Park Primary School

Lakeside Park Primary School receives 8000 litres of water and a large Detergent Pack. Each learner also received PS Chocolates. Shoprite assisted the Gift of the Givers team with the distribution.



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Bhokwe and Enkangaza, Vryheid

A total contribution of 37000lts of water was distributed with the team from Pick and Pay to the Bhokwe and Enkangaza communities and hospital in Vryheid. Pick n Pay donated 27000lts of water.


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Mangaung Water Pipe

Mangaung faces a challenge as a major water pipe burst and people in the surrounding areas have been without water for 2 days. Gift of the Givers has had numerous request for assistance so the team took 500 x 5lt bottles of water to the Rocklands community and 1500 x 5lt bottles of water to Reddersburg.


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Water Distribution in Dutini Village

Port Shepstone Junior Primary School initiated a collection drive and handed over 2000lts of bottled water to Gift of the Givers. The water was distributed to a small village called Dutini in Bizana, Eastern Cape. The village has no water and sanitation nor electricity. The community shares a water hole, approximately 1m x 1m, with pigs and cattle.

Gift of the Givers agreed to sponsor 9 VIP toilets

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University of Free State

The Muslim Students Association, SRC and other bodies at the University of Free State collected 3000 x 5L bottled water. The water was handed over to Gift of the Givers by Mrs Jansen, wife of the VC, Prof Jansen. The students are now targeting 15000 bottles and have challenged other campuses in SA to come up with their own campaigns.


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Cloetesville, Stellenbosch

Having identified a water shortage due to problems with infrastructure, the Gift of the Givers team set out to distribute to the schools in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch on 10 February.

Our aid reached 1750 recipients from the Pieter Langeveldt and Cloetesville Primary Schools as well as the Dorothea Training Center for special needs students and consisted of:

  • 775 x 5lt Bottles of Water
  • 330 Sanitary Pad
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Springfontein Water Tanks

The situation in Springfontein is still very challenging as communities go without water for up to 7 days. Today we strategically place water tanks in various spots to help ease the cry for water.

Sonskyn   5000lt
Thatohatsi Preston School   1000lt
Springfontein Secondary School   5000lt
Old Hostel   1000lt
Williamsville   5000lt
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Water Distribution Commences in Ceres, Western Cape

The distribution of 700 x 5 litres of water to the impoverished community of Bella Vista, a suburb in Ceres, was very well received by the community and a pleasant experience for volunteers.

Having identified the need in the area we discovered that the dam levels were below 18% capacity.

Our aim was to distribute the water

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Gift of the Givers Commences Animal Feed Distribution 2

At the animal feed distribution in Jagersfontein we witnessed such gratitude, one that we couldn't quiet get our heads around, until a farmer took us to his cattle. Without green grass and fresh water, the animals are completely malnourished and dehydrated.

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Ixopo Community

The residents say that without notification the water supply in Ixopo was cut off. The communities go for weeks without potable water and are forced to purchase bottled water. When there eventually is water in their homes, it isn't properly purified and causes diarrhea.

Boreholes have saved the day for a few.

Gift of the Givers was the first to respond to the Ixopo community, Fairview community,

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Proteas and Cricket South Africa Support Gift of the Givers

Gift of the Givers Drought Relief Campaign has been expanding exponentially drawing interest and support from diverse sections of the South African public.  Today we have an interesting new partner.  The Proteas and Cricket South Africa have expressed a willingness to support the campaign encouraging all supporters arriving at Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein for today's first ODI between

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Royal House of Chief Kekane

We arrived at the Royal House of Chief Kekane of Mokopane and proceeded with formality of greeting the Royal Family and presenting them with a gift. Ndebele customs usually expect the gift to be cash, R50 or less. The entire council was shocked by our gift of 320 food parcels and various other goods.

The graciousness with which it was received was astounding and the selfless nature in which they

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Reddersburg Distribution

3000 community members in Reddersburg received non perishable food items, water, collapsible water containers and sweet packs. The food items handed out were: soup, rice, biscuits, spices and ready-to-cook meal packs supplied by Unilever.


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Fauresmith Distributions

Fauresmith has little to no waterworks infrastructure making the effects of the drought considerably more severe.  The Gift of the Givers team handed out bottled water to the most vulnerable citizens identified by social workers.

As we handed out sweet packs the sound of children's laughter seeped in among the parched community anxiously anticipating a heavenly downpour of rain and subsequent

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Trompsburg Distributions

The Trompsburg Old Age Home is operating with a minimal amount of water per day which compromises the health and safety of the elderly. Staff have indicated that there are days where the elderly go without a sip of water to ensure there's sufficient water to cook with.

Gift of the Givers hands over Water, Wet Wipes, Sweet Packs and Biscuits to the following institutions in Trompsburg.

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Animal Feed an Urgent Need

Thank you for the fantastic response to our drought relief intervention. A full update on progress will be provided next week.

What is of major concern to us now is the condition of tens of thousands of animals as they are facing thirst and hunger in the absence of feed. Loss of animals is impacting heavily on the farmers, both subsistence and large scale, with major implications for farm

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Gift of the Givers Commences Water Distributions in Free State

Gift of the Givers teams have commenced water distribution in the Free State working in conjunction with disaster management.  We have opted to work in areas where no water has been distributed to date.  This is the Xhariep District and includes Smithfield, Reddersburg, Edenbridge, Thompsburg, Jaggersfontein, Fauresmith and a number of smaller localities within these districts.

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Mtubatuba Community

The Mtubatuba community in Machabini receives 20 tons of water from Gift of the Givers. Mayor Cllnr Qhina Mkhwanazi and Deputy Mayor Cllnr Mandlankosi Gumede, assisted the GOTG team with the distribution.

Total Project Value: R80 000.00


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13/05/2016 - KwaPata Community

Gift of the Givers delivers 2500lts of water and 3984 PS Chocolates to KwaMxhosa community in Maphulo and 3500lts of water to the KwaPata community in Pietermaritzburg.




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19/04/2016 - KwaPata Community

Gift of the Givers distributes water and chocolates to the KwaPata community and 1310 learners at the Khethindlelenhle Primary School in KZN.

Khethindlelenhle Primary School KwaPata Community
  • 105 x 24g PS Chocolates
  • 4000lts Water
  • 62 PS Chocolates
  • 1000lts Water
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15/04/2016 - Zululand Schools

Gift of the Givers set out with the team from Pick n Pay to distribute drought relief aid to 2 schools in Zululand. The following items were distributed:

  • 20 000lts of Water
  • 750 Vanity Packs
  • 5500 Chocolates
  • 2000 Nutrition Packs
  • 30 Hippo Roller Water Tanks

The Hippo Roller water tanks, courtesy of Pick n Pay, carries a capacity of 90lts and simply rolls along the ground with minimal effort.

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13/04/2016 - KZN Schools

The Nkodubibe and Umfolozi Secondary schools in KwaZulu Natal receive 10 000lts of Water, 2000 Unilever Personal Hygiene Packs and 4000 PS Chocolates.

Izimpisi and Phindavele communities in Eshowe also received
  • 300 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 25 x 24g PS Chocolates
  • 5000lts of Water



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14/03/2016 - Shirley Chamber Shelter

The Shirley Chamber Shelter in Durban accommodates 103 displaced people. The Gift of the Givers team delivered the following aid:

  • Bulk Food
  • Large Unilever Detergent Pack
  • 1000lts Water
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17/03/2016 - Kokstad

In Kokstad, the KZN GOTG team distributes:

Kokstad Primary School
  • 900 Soup Packs
  • 186 x 24g PS Chocolates
Kokstad Community
  • 1200 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 20000lts Bottled Water
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31/03/2016 - Lucerne for Van Zylsrust

The farmers in Van Zylsrust, Northern Cape, welcomed us with great joy saying that the animal feed that we brought is like manna from heaven and are worth more than gold to them. We also delivered 26 big bales of lucerne and 200 bags of drought cubes.


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15-16/03/2016 - Saldanha Bay

The Vredenburg Mosque is a frequented center that serves the community at large. We handed over water and additional supplies for their kitchen. The Gift of the Givers team also made a delivery at the West Coast Special Needs school in Saldanha, and the Karitas school in Vredenburg where we supplemented their existing feeding schemes.

  • 527 x 5 lt Bottled Water
  • 180 x Maggi Noodles (40 per box)
  • 54 x
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07/03/2016 - Kokstad Distribution

25000lts of water handed out in Kokstad, Eastern Cape. The Kokstad Primary School additionally received 9200 PS Chocolates and a large Unilever Detergent Pack while the Twist Valley and Riverview community also received 300 Detergent Packs.


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03/2016 - Mnyakanya Secondary School

Mnyakanya Secondary School in Uthungulu receives 52 000 litres of water collected from Shoprite. The learners received an additional 550 Personal Hygiene Packs and 560 PS Chocolates.


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02/03/2016 - Distribution in Nongoma

Gift of the Givers distributes 52 000 litres of water in Nongoma, KZN. The team also handed out Personal Hygiene Packs and Chocolates while Shoprite Checkers served hot soup with bread to the Holinyoka community in Nongoma.

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Greytown Community

The Greytown Children's Home and community receive 3000 litres of water from Gift of the Givers, as well as 150 Personal Hygiene Packs, Bulk Food, Detergent Pack and PS Chocolates.


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27/02/2016 - Malmesbury, Western Cape

The drought in the Western is intensifying although not at the same scale as other regions in South Africa. Gift of the Givers is distributing water in the Swartland region and surrounding areas but also providing the communities with valuable water saving tips and education regarding the dam water levels and how it affects them.

400 x 5 liters of bottled water was distributed to 400 families

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Ixopo Community 09 Feb 2016

The Tricircle team assisted us with the distribution of a total of 37000lts of water in Ixopo. Thank you also to Shoprite for their contribution of 24700lts and a cup of hot soup served with bread.

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16/02/2016 - Satombe Community, Harding

Gift of the Givers together with Shoprite Checkers and Tricircle Hardware distributes drought relief aid to 1000 recipients in Harding, KZN.

  • 500 Nutrition Packs
  • 210 Cases x 24 Chocalates
  • 1000 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 15840 litres of water
  • Hot Soup and Bread provided and served by Shoprite
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Gladstone Trust

At Gladstone Trust 50 farmers receive 120 Bags of Animal Feed. The community received:

  • 50 Food Parcels
  • 150 x 5 lt Water
  • 100 Sweet Packs
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Summary of KZN Distributions

In KwaZulu Natal the Gift of the Givers team distributed Drought Relief aid tothe following locations:

Nongoma33 700lt
Vryheid113 219lt
Greytown8 000lt
Illovo8 000lt
KwaMakhutha10 000lt
Ixopo87 000lt
Matubatuba25 000lt
KwaPata20 000lt
Imbali20 000lt
Azalea40 000lt
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Sediba and Feloane Village

The Sediba village near Thaba Nchu, has not had water for 3 months and life without it has been a great struggle. The Gift of the Givers team handed over the following aid to this community as well as the Feloane Trust village:

Sediba Village
Feloane Village
  • 750 x 5lt Bottled Water
  • 250 x Food Parcels
  • 200 x Sweet Packs
  • 750 x 5lt Bottled Water
  • 250 x Food Parcels
  • 250 x Sweet Packs
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Springfontein Support Continues

Distribution of water continues in Springfontein in the following areas:
Top Area Informal Settlement
Springfontein Town
 500 x 5lt Water
1000 x Wet Wipes
200 Tubs of Margarine
150 Soft Cakes for Kids
1500 x 5lt Water
3000 Wet Wipes
360lt Dessert Cream
50 Tubs of Margarine
500 Soft Cakes for Kids
60 × 5lt Water
120 Wet Wipes
30 Soft Cakes for Kids
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Distribution in Springfontein

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to the Springfontein community and to the Springfontein Secondary school.

Springfontein Community:

  • 960 x 5lt Water 
  • 800 x Boxes of Soup
  • 160 Baby Packs (Huggies Nappies and Wet Wipes)
  • 160 Detergent Packs (Washing Powder and Sta Soft)
Springfontein Secondary School:
  • 60 x 5 lt Water
  • 5 Boxes of Cupcakes

The distribution of 700 x 5 litres of water to the

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Unilever Support

Unilever has been a great supporter of the drought relief campaign. In the Free State alone in the period 13-30 January 2016 already R1.3 million of hygiene packs and food has been distributed in Edenburg, Trompsburg, Lindley,Phillipollis, Fauresmith, Qwa Qwa, Smithfield, Jagersfontein, Reddersburg

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The small town of Vryheid in KwaZulu Natal received a total of 32 800 litres of water from Gift of the Givers.

A special thank you to Mr Deepak of Deluxe Footwear in Durban for contributing 560 x 5 litres of the total water distribution to the Nceceni and Mvuyeni communities in Vryheid as well as the following schools:

  • Solomuzi High School - 1600 learners
  • Khondlo  School  - 1350 learners
  • Mondlo  
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Cattle are dying and people have to dig into a dried river to retrieve a meager bucket or so to take home, if they're lucky. Conditions in the Zululand District have become dire.

Gift of the Givers has extended the drought relief programme to KwaZulu Natal, with the town, Nongoma, being the first recipient of 41 000 litres of water from Gift of the Givers.


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Lindley Distribution

In Lindley, near Senekal, Gift of the Givers distributes 1000 x 5lt bottles of water. We also handed out 1000 packets containing soup, spices and sauces.

Even in a downpour of rain the Gift of the Givers team continued to hand out aid to the many who queued for their supply of food and water.

SBS Water Systems has commenced erecting the 1st 112 000lt tank in Lindley which forms part of a long term

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Smithfield Distributions

On arrival in Smithfield we found in excess of 1600 community members waiting on the main road for municipal water tankers to pass; they indicated that they have waited for as long as 5 hours under a harsh blue sky with no sign of rain clouds to provide relief from the blistering heat.

Gift of the Givers is drilling a borehole at the Smithfield hospital and has distributed water in collapsible

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Jagersfontein Distributions

The Jagersfontein hostel is home to many scholars from surrounding farming areas. They have a feeding scheme that caters for 300, three times a day. The Gift of the Givers team fully stocked their kitchen with non-perishable food items with a Jojo tank soon to follow.

The hospital services the surrounding Xhariep district and is grappling with an influx of patients in the emergency unit as a

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Edenburg Distributions

The Early Childhood Development centers in Edenburg operate on a skeleton staff and sanitation is currently the biggest concern. The schools requested that each toddler arrive at school with a 2 litre bottle of water. The schools received Water, Wet Wipes and Biscuits, with additional Disposable Nappies for the ECD's.

InstitutionNumber of Recipients
Botle ba thuto High School844
Albertina Sisulu High
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Drought Relief for Free State

We have been inundated with calls from the public wanting to assist with the drought situation in the Free State given the difficulty in Senekal and surrounding areas.  We don't respond until a call is made to us for assistance as we are inundated with projects 365 days a year.  On Friday, 8 January 2016, we received a call from Dr Zuneit Adam, representing the Bethlehem community and

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