GOTG Child Care Centre Outreach Programme

The locality surrounding the Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre in Gaza is one of the poorest in the region. The Centre serves not only as a base for various activities within it but also as a means to assist those nearby.  Accordingly, our first outreach programme took place this Ramadaan providing cooked meals and food parcels for those who seldom have food in their homes.  The physical condition and the warm smile mask the tremendous hardship and suffering endured by many.

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06/08/2013 - Gaza Iftaar Distribution

Gift of the Givers distributes 100 Iftaar Meals to 50 physically challenged people and their families in Gaza. The large number of people struggling with physical challenges and disabilities, caused by repeated crisis against Gaza strip, also suffer from a deterioration of the psychological and social status for them and their families. Gift of the Givers not only provides an Iftaar meal but

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Video Clip - Gaza Woman and Child Centre 06/2016

The six storey Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre is the first of its kind in Gaza. It has been constructed in Altofah area, Gaza City, East of Gaza and is one of the poorest districts in the region.  Having commenced in early 2014 the Centre is four months from completion.  The 2014 war and periodic blockades preventing the delivery of cement makes the construction more

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