67 Minutes for Mandela

We are at a very sad point in South African and world history where one of the greatest statesman and an iconic symbol of peace, reconciliation and humanity, our own homegrown, African Nobel lauriette, Nelson Mandela, is critically ill. All of us, irrespective of religious or cultural identity, are absolutely unequivocal in the belief that the only reality of life is death itself. We embrace this concept and make appropriate preparations in all aspects.

From an Islamic perspective, Muslim teaching states that the departed soul gets benefit in three ways: the good that it has left behind in terms of hospitals, waterwells and other such entities of social benefit; the education, moral and ethical values that someone has gained from a deceased person's initiative and now this benefits that person and others altruistically; and finally the deceased person benefits through prayers done by family, progeny, a nation and through good deeds done by others in the name of the deceased. These are all universal values accepted by all as the Lord of all mankind is One, a point we need to understand and appreciate as humans wanting to live in harmonious co-existence.

Gift of the Givers, supported by the Gauteng Provincial Disaster Management and the Johannesburg inner city council, in keeping with the above universal values and in honour of our beloved Madiba, has embarked on a project to significantly improve the quality of life of 69 Alexandra families whose homes on the banks of the Jukskei River has made them victims many a time of the recurring floods resulting in misery and even loss of life. Land has generously been sponsored by the different tiers of government, all permissions have been granted, there has been acceptance of the project from the residents, and local labour will be incorporated into our building team.

These houses will be based on the prototype designed and developed by us for the Khayelitsha Fire victims following the New Year's day disaster in Cape Town. Those houses have been outstanding and have withstood all the diverse weather patterns in Cape Town, including the recent torrential rain, see link http://www.giftofthegivers.org/new-year-shack-fires. Our Cape Town project manager, Gawa Sayed, who supervised the entire construction of the 103 houses has arrived with her team and has commenced building work on site this week in Alexandra, which has just celebrated 100 years of existence and has a rich history of political and social activism.
We intend having 15 houses ready by 18 July 2013 to coincide with our honoured Mandela's 95th birthday. Whatever is to be rests in the Hands of the Almighty. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the nation.

The assistance of corporates and the general South African public will be valued in bringing this project of 69 houses to fruition. For details call 0800 786 777.
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GOTG Housing Village - A Practical Intervention in Jukskei Floods

Disaster Management has warned people to move away from the Jukskei River and other similar rivers on the verge of flooding. Gift of the Givers Housing village in Alex is a testimony to an effective, decisive, life saving intervention in cases of floods.  "Project Higher Ground" as we named it was to relocate people from a lower level to a higher level within the same locality without

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Official Handover of Keys to Alexandra Village Residents

Gift of the Givers officially hands over the keys to 35 families who have been patiently waiting to take occupancy of their new homes in the Alexandra Village. Fully furnished with beds, bedding and cupboards, the houses gave each recipient a sense of security and restored their dignity.

Food parcels, hygiene and detergent packs together with a hot meal waited indoors for each of them. Some

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06/12/2013 - EMRS Christmas Party

A Christmas party planned months ago by GOTG and the EMRS College for kids of the North West Province coincidentally coincided with the passing on of Tata Madiba. This was a day of great significance as children of all races came together, oblivious of the colour of their skin, to not only celebrate Christmas but the life of Madiba as well.

The children saw no boundary and this is exactly

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Mandela Day - Port Elizabeth

Gift of the Givers together together with Air Liquide donates Food Parcels to the needy in Nelson Mandela Bay. The starting point was in Kensington at an old age home where pensioners complained of not having recieved a grant for more than three months. They were relieved to receive the food parcels as were the other recipients in Malabar Informal Settlement, Roman Catholic Church in New Brighton

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Opening of Gift of the Givers Alex Housing Village

"Unimaginable", "Unbelievable", "Magnificent" are some of the terms used by people in the know and highly qualified professional builders to describe the housing village that evolved from rubble and a dump site at Alexandra.  

Pleasing and aesthetic, the houses are fire resistant with solar panels, ceilings and tile floors supported by a communal kitchen complex and an ablution block with hot

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Gift of the Givers Alex Housing Project

Activity is at a fever pitch at Alex on the site where Gift of the Givers are building 70 houses in honour of Mandela Day.  

Approximately 200 workmen are on site at this unique development, where in effect, we build a house a day.  But there's much more: a communal kitchen, communal bathroom, solar power, paved walkways, tarred roads, vegetable gardens, water supply and fencing.

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New Homes for Alex Residents as Bulldozers Move In

The Alex housing village project finally comes to fruition today.  Established in response to the continuous floods on the Jukskei River and the concomitant loss of property and life a pro-active project in disaster response was urgently required to prevent the repetitive loss of valuable resources.  It's the same issue year in and year out; people live on the banks of the river, the

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Honouring Madiba at Home

A country mourns their beloved father, Tata Madiba, yet amidst the sombre atmosphere at his residence in Houghton, there was still a spirit of joy as the sweet sound of chorus's filled the air.

With balloons in hand, the GOTG Gauteng staff honoured Madiba with song outside his home. Each balloon represented a colour from our South African flag which was released into the air symbolising the

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Tribute to Nelson Mandela

It takes a human of saintly stature to forgive and embrace with love a system that incarcerated him for 27 years, that destroyed the lives of countless people within the inner ranks and outside his movement, that caused estrangement and eventually separation in two marriages, that prevented him from being a father to his own children because of the demands and the sacrifices required to achieve

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Alexandra Garden Project

On the boarder of Marlboro and Alexandra lies a "rubbish dump” given to GOTG by the SA Government. The land is an extension to the housing project in Alexandra and after careful consideration GOTG decided to turn it into a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden that will service not only the Alexandra Housing Village, but the many GOTG soup kitchens in Gauteng providing meals for thousands of

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Women Power Alex Housing Project

The day has arrived where 71 families (we added two more) are going to benefit from houses in much the same way as those in Khayelitsha following the shack fire on New Year's day this year.

The description of the housing village has been documented, you have seen the pictures of the prototype and read about the concept.  What is not known is who was the driving force behind this most

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Alex Housing Project

Please note that the opening of the Alex Housing Project has been postponed until further notice. In a personal meeting with President Zuma yesterday he apologised that he could not make the 4th September event as he now had to go to Russia a day earlier, meaning today. He has asked his staff to find the first available date to do the official opening and handover.

This postponement suits us fine

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Alexandra Housing Project

Officials from Gauteng, Johannesburg City Council and Disaster Management, all official partners to Gift of the Givers, review the Alex Housing Project in preparation for an official Presidential opening and handover in September 2013. The project was launched in honour of Mandela Day. Thus far, 50 houses are complete, 19 more to go; a kitchen facility, ablution block, water provision, tarred

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