GOTG Housing Village - A Practical Intervention in Jukskei Floods

Disaster Management has warned people to move away from the Jukskei River and other similar rivers on the verge of flooding. Gift of the Givers Housing village in Alex is a testimony to an effective, decisive, life saving intervention in cases of floods.  "Project Higher Ground" as we named it was to relocate people from a lower level to a higher level within the same locality without displacing them kilometres away.

The practicality of this project and the quality of the housing village designed could be a model to be replicated throughout South Africa. A visit to the site during this time of flooding will be of immense value to decision makers. Occupants of this housing village, previously having been victims of repeated floods, can now openly express their state of joy and sense of security compared to the past. For details contact Emily Thomas, Cell: 08365203150836520315 .