06/12/2013 - EMRS Christmas Party

A Christmas party planned months ago by GOTG and the EMRS College for kids of the North West Province coincidentally coincided with the passing on of Tata Madiba. This was a day of great significance as children of all races came together, oblivious of the colour of their skin, to not only celebrate Christmas but the life of Madiba as well.

The children saw no boundary and this is exactly what  Madiba stood for. His love for children was a part of his legacy and with this day we remembered that. The kids sand songs in memory of Madiba while holding pictures of him close their hearts.

For entertainment, all 500 kids enjoyed a not so traditional 'green' Santa, as well as a clown show, Barney, display by a fire engine and jumping castles.

  •  600 Hot Dogs
  • 1500 Bottles of Cooldrink
  • 1000 Sweet Packs
  • 600 Fruit Packs
  • 500 Packets of Chips
  • 500 Christmas Gifts

 Total Project Value: R250 000.00

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