Alexandra Garden Project

On the boarder of Marlboro and Alexandra lies a "rubbish dump” given to GOTG by the SA Government. The land is an extension to the housing project in Alexandra and after careful consideration GOTG decided to turn it into a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden that will service not only the Alexandra Housing Village, but the many GOTG soup kitchens in Gauteng providing meals for thousands of people.

It was hard labour and long hours spent under the scorching sun but without complaint a common goal was in mind. Volunteers from the Cooperative Government Department (CWP) and Shomang Zebenza put their shoulders to the plough by removing the rubble, turning the soil, laying out the beds and finally adding fertilizer and seeds. To begin with the volunteers planted lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beetroot and lots of maze. What followed was the rain which came at the most opportune time showering the seeds and in no time the crops started sprouting. The first harvest of spinach was prepared as a healthy meal for all the volunteers who maintained the garden.

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