Gift of the Givers partners with Saving the Survivors to protect and preserve the beloved rhinos.

We meet a 3 year old rhino that was poached 10 weeks ago. His wound left gaping, his trademark erased from his face against his will.

Up until now these wounds could take up to 10 years to completely heal. Through our partnership with Saving the Survivors and the introduction of good quality wound healing products and techniques, his wound is almost closed after just 3 dressings. Dressing a rhino's wound is an expensive and labour intensive undertaking. This creature weighing between 1 - 1.5 tons must first be tranquilized then turned every 15 minutes to prevent fluid collecting in his lungs while the wound is cleaned and dressed. And again we go after every 4 weeks...

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Gift of the Givers Supports Rhino Healing

Gift of the Givers Supports Rhino Healing
Inspired by Michelle Potgieter, a volunteer at a rhino sanctuary, Liz Wilson-Chandler, a specialist wound care nurse and team member of Gift of the Givers, intervened with her amazing wound care skills to assist Arthur, a 4-week old baby rhino who was severely hacked with a machete when defending his mother against poachers. The mother died.

Arthur was physically, emotionally and psychologically
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