SA Ambassador to Palestine, Ashraf Suliman

South African Ambassador to Palestine, Ashraf Suliman, visits Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre in Gaza. This is his second visit to the centre. He was briefed on Gift of the Givers current projects in Gaza:

1. These include the Women and Child Care Centre that provides counselling services, a pre-school, women empowerment projects, workshops and lectures.
2. Water provision through TWO Desalination Plants.
3. Poor Patient funding for those who cannot afford medical care.
4. Monthly expenses including food parcels, school fees, medical fees for widowed families.
5. Pre-school in Khuza'a.
6. Provision of clothing and blankets in winter.
7. Paramedics being the first port of call for thousands of injured since the commencement of the Land March 8 months ago.
8. Provision of Stationery Packs to a few thousand learners.

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